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The legendary team of Nova Uniao (New Union) and partnership of John Lewis and Andre Pederneiras date back to 1995 when John Lewis brought Nova Uniao to the United States and eventually received his BJJ Black Belt from the co-founder of Nova Uniao himself, Andre Pederneiras. The two collectively have produced more champions worldwide than any other martial arts organization academy. 20 years later the team is still producing top competitors and world champions in every relevant MMA and Martial Arts competition. This is your official invitation to come join our family.

With the most current state cross training equipment, BRICK LOS ANGELES is respected nationwide. This world class Performance Center caters to everyone from today’s most elite athletes, Hollywood stars and UFC champions, to professional business men and women that just want to look and feel like champions. The atmosphere is clean, friendly and inviting to all level of clientele, and the training is scientific and specific guaranteed to maximize your workout and get you in tip-top shape in record time.


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The training center is located at BRICK LOS ANGELES just east for Fairfax on Santa Monica Boulevard, with ample free parking for private and group classes.