Private Lessons


What do these famous celebrities below all have in common?


They have all called this man below… COACH.

Private lessons for those who only want to learn from the best!

John creates a training regiment that is tailor made to your goals. Whether it be an elite fitness plan, martial art based plan, or even a combination of the two… with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Lewis will find what’s right for you.


Private training available upon interview approval!
From time-to-time, John Lewis will take on private students after a personal interview. He is looking for people that he feels can genuinely benefit from his teaching mentally and physically. His decision is not based on athletic ability in any way.

If accepted, John would create a tailor-made training regimen to reach your goals. Whether it be an elite fitness plan, martial art-based plan, or a combination of the two, Professor Lewis will share his 35 + years of experience both competing and teaching to you.

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